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SoftOne software

Soft1 is one of the most modern software business solution, designed to the highest standards, utilizing the best technological tools. The software is characterized by completeness in all included functional modules.


Soft1 ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP program is a planning system of business operations. Its operations are based on the information of the user in real time with the company's data. Data is stored in a single database to which access is very fast and supports all functional modules.

  • Allows the warehouse and other products management,
  • Allows the company's financial management,
  • Allows Payroll and staff management,
  • Allows each customer’s card management,
  • Allows production process management by entering recipes of each product.


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Retail Studio by iQom

Intensive Retail Management

iQom Retail Studio is the ideal solution for intensive retail stores with branches, franchise or mixed models. It is tailored to the needs of stores and centralized management - administration. The Retail Studio cooperates with 9 of the most popular ERP of the market, connected with almost all the peripherals of the market and exploit the potential existing equipment.

  • Covering the complete store management needs,
  • Supports contactless credit card transactions,
  • Has the ability to register multiple price lists,
  • Features integrated promotions system,
  • Show statistics for each store.

The Retail Studio by iQom and Softone cooperate to reduce customer service time and additionally provides full transparency on each credit card transaction.


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Soft1 Agros solution

Specialized solution for each agronomic store

Αgros solution is a specialized solution for each agronomic store. The software enables commercial management of the store, connection with Farmacon for extraction of all available informations relating to pesticides and connection with Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Allowing the electronic prescribing of pesticides and submission to the Ministry.

  • Crops by customer, region and farm,
  • Cultivated species per season,
  • Available and approved pesticides,
  • Causes of providing pesticides,
  • Instructions and method of use with only one click.

The management of pesticides done through a single program, quickly and automated, without alternations on different screens.


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Soft1 360

The computerization of your company to your smart device

Soft1 360 software installed on smart devices and can be customized to the needs of each company. Operators can register receipts, orders, complaints, routes etc, either connected to internet or not (double working mode, offline & online).

  • Wireless receiving order,
  • Receipts Registration and corresponding invoice issue,
  • Routes entries and check in and check out ability for each customer,
  • Ability to display product images from the central ERP.

S360 software provides the opportunity for immediate order from wherever the customer is located and send to the main store. At the same time the operator can monitor the customers card and sales statistics.


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Invoice electronic transmission, storage and management

This function enables electronic shipping, storage and management of each customer’s invoices. Customer notified by email for the invoice issue and accepts or rejects it through the specially constructed platform.

  • Saving time,
  • Saving money,
  • Saving office stationery,
  • Direct access to invoices.

Archiving invoices ensures your files as long as you wish. They can easily be communicated to the financial and accounting management of the operation.


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Soft1 CRM

Customer Relationship Management

The general term CRM describes the set of software and operations through which a company understands and seeks to better serve the needs of a customer or prospective customer. The company provides more personalized and specialized solution to its customers. The CRM is a part of the ERP and the combined operation of these brings the greatest benefits to the company.

  • Organize your tasks and daily routine,,
  • Organize your appointments, your deadlines, your obligations. Allow the software to remember all these for you,
  • Effectively manage of your sales and collaborations.

It is used by goods sales - services and products companies, clubs and associations, law firms, medical and diagnostic centers, clinics, insurance agencies.


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Terracom S1 Barcode Packet

Barcode Creating and printing through Softone applications.

Terracom’s specialized solution for creating and printing Barcodes & QRcodes with data that derived from the dabases of Softone applications and Kerveros. Furthermore the application allows the image file storage in JPEG format.

With the new application you can create Barcode labels for your products:

  • EAN 13,
  • Code 39,
  • Code 128,
  • QR Codes.

For the S1 applications, the existence Run Time Rights is not required. Barcodes printing is accomplished by using local fields. For the operation of the application it is necessary to have .NET 4.0, which installs automatically during the setup.


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SoftOne is a dynamic company with a strong presence in Greece and international markets. With thousands of customers around the world, Soft1 software fully covers the needs of growing and medium-sized enterprises, having won numerous awards for innovation and its leading market position.

SoftOne’s primary aim is to provide upgraded business solutions that fully meet customer’s needs and requirements. In this direction, company systematically investing in the integrity of the infrastructure, high knowledge acquisition and utilization of cloud technology.