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Operational Program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (EPANEK)

This program finances actions and projects that are mainly supported by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) but also by the ESF (European Social Fund) in order to ensure the coordination with the investments to address the needs of human resource training and administrative reform

IoTFeds: Distributed Data Markets for IoT Federations

IoTFeds project deals with a pioneering data buying and selling system. The footprint of this project aspires to be broad, since it aims to create federations characterized by cutting-edge technology in order to provide data services in sectors where there is a need (smart parking, smart transport, etc.).


In this context, IoTFeds project proposes a solution that allows small IoT companies to work together in order to meet common needs and collectively operate a regulated marketplace for IoT data exchange. IoTFeds introduces an Open Source middleware that allows IoT platform providers and IoT Federations to operate a distributed IoT micro-market without the need for a central entity. IoTFeds is designed and developed based on the results of the H2020 symbIoTe project and combines them with Distributed Ledger Technologies, or Blockchains, to implement a framework for distributed federation management and market operation.

In the first place, the intended functionality of the middleware concerns IoT Federation management (federation establishment, member participation, IoT interoperability, distributed advertisement and discovery of IoT resources, unified and secure interface for accessing IoT resources, reputation and trust mechanisms for the smooth operation of federation). Also it concerns the operation of the IoT market (recording access and use of federated IoT resources, assigning prices and charging policies to IoT resources and data, charging for usage of IoT resources and data, clearing the federated market, sharing the generated value among federated members). Therefore, IoT federations can be considered as a B2B environment where IoT platforms pool their resources, exchange data, and combine their services to meet the needs of large projects.

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