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About us

Terracom S.A. was founded in 1999 in Ioannina specializing in integrated Information Technology solutions. Today, the company is one of the largest IT companies in Greece showing high expertise in several IT fields, producing innovative products in a global basis and focusing on a strong extroverted activity, getting many international awards and distinctions.

Our primary goal is to provide top quality technology solutions that meet the needs of a globally competitive market. The company is growing rapidly, and new members are joining the staff so as to be a vital part of development and innovation.

The company is a founding member of the Innovation Greece technology cluster. Since 2019 Terracom has signed an exclusive investment cooperation agreement so as to promote and expand its’ activities in Greece and abroad with the large investment firm Brookstreet Equity Partners (Brookstreet).

Our corporate culture stems from our value to manage the company as a large family and support our people to enhance their strengths and improve their personality through work and cooperation.

Today Terracom SA has a staff of 63 highly qualified people who are extremely excited about technology and innovation.

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Core Commitments

Our Core Commitments

Our Vision

Our vision is to augment our global business footprint and be the global leader in the areas that we are actively involved such as workforce management and lone workers industry!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help in creation of safe and secure societies by developing and providing solutions not only covering customers’ needs but shaping them!

Our Values

Integrity: We act with respect & unyielding integrity inside and outside the company! We use our power and skills ethically and legally, not promoting solutions outside our code of ethics! Everyone in Terracom shares the same ethics values and respect for human life, dignity and diversity!

Passion: We are passionate in what we do and transform it to success and excellence!

Team spirit: Working in Terracom, team spirit is favored in order to accomplish our mission and achieve the best results! We believe that operating as a solid system we are charged with force to bring down the walls and fulfil our vision!

Effectiveness: We see where we want to go and not to go where we see! We set the goal and the whole team shares the value of achieving that and contributes to the best result!

Human investment: The most significant value of all with the greatest return of investment index! Our human resources constitute the best delegates of Terracom. We support our humans to develop their skills and talents through education and learning. We favor life and work balance leading to an environment that every employee can thrive personally, economically and professionally!

Responsibility: With great power comes great responsibility! That key value reflects our commitment to act with respect to the environment and society, leading to secured and sustainable societies!

Προϊόντα – Λύσεις


Terracom is active in a wide range of Information Technology services developing innovative products that are applicable in many segments of the global market.

QR-Patrol & MyLoneWorkers

Our core product is QR-Patrol. QR-Patrol is a leading guard tour monitoring system with a global footprint in more than 80 countries worldwide, including United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. In addition, the company has developed MyLoneWorkers system aiming to increase Lone Workers’ security and provide an ultimate solution for managing and protecting remote workers through cloud technology.


Terracom has extensive experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, developing highly dynamic products such as SpotyPal, which is an item and pet finder system consisting of a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device and a mobile and web application. SpotyPal - Terracom's most innovative system – is comprised of the most advanced set of features compared to other similar products as it is a panic alarm system too, protecting people at risk in real-time.


Terracom also provides hardware equipment and advanced electronic systems through the online shop Plantron.gr which is a point of interest for all people searching for electronic and network products in Greek market. Plantron online store includes a huge variety of security products such as IP and wireless cameras, alarm systems, DVR's but also a variety of other “hot” products such as signal amplifiers, GPS tracking systems, equipment for wind and photovoltaic systems, routers / switches, etc.

Terracom Integrator

One of our fields of expertise is to provide integrated solutions for organizations, companies and professionals. Terracom provides integrated enterprise IT solutions in collaboration with one of the largest IT companies in the Southeast Europe, SoftOne Technologies, which develops innovative cloud ERP/CRM and mobile applications as well as LiveAll.eu, a powerful SMS marketing platform to help businesses interact with potential clients and inform them about their activities through bulk sms messages.

R&D projects

Terracom has also developed significant action in Research and Development projects (R&D projects) through partnerships with recognized schemes, organizations, and Educational Institutes. Through these research programs, Terracom develops and promotes innovative and high added value products which could be incorporated in many different segments of the global markets.

For example, ProxiTour is a smart tour guided platform where a visitor can browse through numerous tours, select the one that is up to his/her interests and be guided through the whole journey. Furthermore, Zastel is an innovative, cloud-based Platform for the Internet of Things, providing infrastructure and services facilitating development of IoT solutions and interoperability of existing systems and applications.

R&D projects


Terracom aspires to play a key role in the global market in its fields of expertise. To get to this point, the company has developed a dynamic strategy of promoting its services and products by participating in high traffic international exhibitions and conferences aiming to expand its partner network and B2B collaboration.

Having established cooperation and a sales network in more than 80 countries worldwide, Terracom is constantly developing innovative solutions incorporating modern technology and increasing products’ efficiency and awareness.


Committed to our vision of constant development and integration of innovation, Terracom has received significant universal awards, highlighting the company's progress in an ever-evolving and highly competitive environment regarding Information Technology products and services.

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At Terracom, we understand the importance of integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles in our company. Since 1999, we've put in the work to ensure our employees are satisfied and empowered in our workplaces to help them achieve their maximum potential. We understand that to achieve full diversity, equity, and inclusion is a process, and that's why every day we strive to make our organization more accommodating for individuals from all walks of life. Read more here about our commitment to achieve DEI in our company.

We are also an environmental and socially conscious company that is committed to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) strategies for the betterment of our company. Our internal corporate solutions that minimize the need for paper such as QR-Patrol, MyloneWorkers and και LiveAll.eu are tailored to meet the green standards that are acceptable by all countries. Read more here about our ESG strategies.



Terracom has been maintaining a Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001:2008 since 2003. The last renewal of the certificate according to ISO 9001:2015 (April 2018) was made by the internationally recognized UKAS and had fields of application "Software Design and Development and Marketing and Technology Information Systems Support". In addition, Terracom has been positively evaluated for its Innovation Management Procedures as well as for Digital Innovation Quality, through IMP3rove- European Innovation Management Academy EWIV.

The company has received funding from the program Horizon 2020, for further development of QR-Patrol PRO, evolution of the earlier and successful QR-Patrol.