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Proximiot: Proximity Marketing Platform

The rapid growth of technology in recent years accompanied with the increasing use of mobile phones on a global scale, have transformed the field of Marketing, offering endless possibilities. Nowadays, the communication with customers has become easier and more efficient than ever. Here arises the factor of proximity that is capable of using modern technology and smart solutions offered by the integrated system of Proximiot to lead businesses and consumers to make the next digital step, bringing additional profits to businesses and covering to the maximum the needs and desires of consumers at the same time.


More specifically, the scope of the proposed solution of Proximiot is the design and development of an IoT platform for Proximity Marketing which will collect information about the position of users in real time (sales time) and will process them in correlation with historical information. It will also analyze the overall data for optimal decision making by the company's marketing department and will perform targeted interaction with consumers in real time by automatically sending personalized promotional messages. The platform will take advantage of the possibilities offered by advanced technologies and will contribute to the acceptance and dissemination of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies both nationally and globally.

Proximiot's innovative proposal, constitutes an attractive and flexible solution focused on two axes. First of all, this proposal could not be left untapped by companies, which can now take advantage of the possibilities offered by smartphones and the Internet of Things. In this way, they can reach a specific audience, organize advertising campaigns, promotion and other services, with a higher acceptance rate than the traditional methods used to until today. All of this is accompanied by a much lower cost than what is required by traditional methods of promotion and advertising. Secondly, the proposed solution focuses on the needs of consumers, who now have a very useful tool in their hands with the ability to be informed immediately and adequately about the products of their interest, finally buying the product that meets their needs and desires.

The operation of the IoT platform for Proximity Marketing will be based on the use of beacons (wireless transmitters detected via Bluetooth from users' mobile phones) in combination with smartphones which are widely used today by the consumers. The beacons will be placed near specific points of interest in order to identify the consumer and after a predefined period of time within their range, to display the information on the screen of his device.



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