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ProxiTour: Personalized Tour Platform

ProxiTour’s goal is the design and development of an intelligent interactive platform, for guiding and touring by providing personalized information in real-time based on the user's location, introducing the concept of personalized storytelling. The tour will be able to be executed both outside and inside and will concern places of cultural, touristic and environmental interest, while it will also be expandable to high-traffic areas where there is a significant concentration and movement of population. By using cutting-edge technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices and other modern tools and systems, the platform will offer comprehensive promotion and support of cultural activities in order to better promote the digital stock in terms of culture, tourism and environment etc.

The mode of operation of the ProxiTour IoT platform will be based mainly on the use of beacons (wireless transmitters that are detected via Bluetooth by the users' mobile phones) in combination with the smart devices that the visitors - tourers will have in their possession. The beacons will be placed near specific points of interest with the aim that when a visitor is within their range for a specified period of time, they will receive digital material and information on their device. If the visitor wants to execute an outdoor tour and be guided in the city center for instance, ProxiTour exploits the GPS technology in order to achieve that.

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