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Voeska: Open innovation for the curation and promotion of Arta's cultural heritage


Given the enormous and varied historical and cultural richness of Greece, the Voeska project is being developed in order to bring a new approach to visiting and touring in the museums and archeological sites in that, being more experiential and anthropocentric. The project is aiming to design and develop an advanced integrated system based on the principles of open innovation with the help of which the notions of history and experience will constitute the center of interest.

The development of the Voeska project has as a primary goal, the creation of a multidimensional image for each item of civilization and culture. By capturing those elements that link it to the specific characteristics of the site such as stories and experiences related to its cultural, historical and social dimension. Based on this type of information, experiential concepts can then be created for visitors, triggering their interest and in turn engaging them emotionally with cultural evidence.

The key to achieve and accomplish the project's goal is the design and development of the integrated system, which includes the computing infrastructure, the cloud platform with the Content Management System (SDP) and finally the mobile and web applications that the integrated system requires to be functional and usable by the culture body.

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