Terracom was "hosted" in "Kathimerini" newspaper

One of the most well-known and top selling newspapers in Greece, Kathimerini, hosted a short history of our company in its column.

"Dimitris Zacharakis and Stelios Gouskos, foreigners to the city, founded Terracom in 1999 active in systems integration. Gradually, they developed a software for managing alarm receiving centers which gained a bunch of clients and securities clients in Greece.

In 2015, during the crisis, they changed the company’s direction and launched a new product developed exclusively in English language, Quick Response Patrol (QRP). It is a security and patrol management software used by more than 1000 companies in 80 countries.

Twenty-three years later, 97% of QRP's turnover comes from abroad and Terracom is ready to move to a new building. Today, Terracom has an international shareholder composition, as in 2019 they signed an investment agreement with London-based Brookstreet Equity Partners.

In fact, they were recently selected among the seven domestic start-ups for the Star Venture program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to receive consulting services for their organization and further development."

Thank you very much for your reference to our company and our work. Terracom is promising to continue developing and aiming to success and evolution.