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A Smart IoT Platform

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Collect, Store, Process, Employ and Analyze big data

Zastel is an innovative, cloud-based platform for the Internet of Things, providing infrastructure, services and an Application Programming Interface (API), facilitating development of IoT solutions and interoperability of existing systems.

The platform serves as a basis for creation of powerful IoT applications, services and tools.

Reliable and Secure, Zastel makes it easier to connect to the Internet of Things, capture real-time data from IoT devices and employ and analyze Big Data, aggregated in the cloud. Its notification service and embedded interoperability mechanism provide easy-to-implement solution for creation of smart collaborative environment.

The platform implements the following functionalities:

> Connectivity to the Internet of Things:

  • Gathers information from various types of IoT devices
  • ensures reliable connection between devices and the cloud

> Normalization:

  • Normalizes different data formats, removes redundancies and handles missing data

> Real-time events processing:

  • Gets real-time data from your IoT devices and brings them to life by execution of smart, rule-based actions

> Data collecting and storage:

  • Aggregates IoT data in the cloud to allow further processing and analysis

> Notification:

  • Sends rich-text messages through push notification service
  • Provides intelligent system for offline messaging

> Dynamic collaboration:

  • Implements interoperability and intelligent things' data sharing

Zastel features a powerful and well-documented API allowing easy enablement of IoT solutions. Build your system, application or tool upon Zastel, join our Community and create profitable collaboration bridges with it's members.