• English
  • Ελληνικά is a bulk messaging platform, ideal for businesses and professionals. Terracom is the developer of the software, which is constantly enriched in features, so as to enable users send SMS to clients and potential leads quickly and directly.

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Send bulk SMS messages

SMS Bulk Messaging Service is one of the core products of Terracom Ltd. Bulk SMS is the easiest and most direct way to communicate with customers, partners and friends. platform includes:

  • All necessary tools to promote campaigns through SMS Marketing,
  • SMS History, so as to keep track of all sent SMS campaigns
  • SMS Schedule to deliver SMS campaigns in the near future,
  • Phone contacts and Groups
  • User friendly app interface
  • Parametric bulk SMS campaigns



Send bulk SMS via PC platform helps businesses to implement SMS marketing techniques and deliver products and services through SMS Marketing channels. Moreover, users are able to send SMS messages to clients and partners so as to increase sales and gain more awareness.

Contact us to help you build an integrated SMS Marketing strategy that will bring new leads to your business and will build stronger relationships with your clients and partners. SMS platform benefits

  • Real-time communication. SMS open rate is up to 98% - a competitive advantage compared to 28-33% e-mail open rate.
  • SMS marketing configuration does not require expert technical skills.
  • Client personalization. enables personalized SMS messages,
  • Low cost prices,
  • Detailed SMS reports and history,
  • High efficiency and performance is ideal for:

Businesses & Organizations

  • Products and Services promotion,
  • Market Research and Competitions,
  • Appointment Reminders,
  • Customer support (e.g. Internet providers)
  • Promotion codes/coupons.

Shops & E-shops

  • New collections / Products / Announcements,
  • Discount entries
  • Send redeem coupons,
  • Specific product promotion
  • Brand Awareness

Seasonal Events

  • Name days / birthdays,
  • Christmas / Easter celebration,
  • Invitations to events / meetings / conferences,
  • 1st day of school
  • Politician advertising campaigns.