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Kerveros - Safety System

Advanced Software for Alarm Receiving Center.

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What is Kerveros System

Kerveros - Safety System is an advanced software for Security Central Stations to manage alarm signals, Alarm-Images Center management as well as other events (such as GPS or IP signals). It consists of a modern working environment that constantly enriched with new opportunities to serve their demanding users, YOU!!!




Features & Innovations

The ability to work with all signal receivers and other market events and furthermore the ability to operate through TCP / IP network makes it the ultimate solution for Receiving and Signal Processing Alarm.

A major innovation of Kerveros system is its connectivity with the popular commercial SoftOne ERP and CRM software that gives you full control of your customers and your company in your area.


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Kerveros Live

With this a brand new web application offered by Terracom so you can see the signals from Kerveros System from wherever you are. Stay informed about the situation and the security that offered by your alarm whenever and wherever you are.




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Kerveros IVR

Terracom gives a new dynamic to ARC that are handled by the PRO of its kind, Kerveros ARC.

Kerveros IVR (Interactive Voice Response), in collaboration with ARC management center Kerveros Security System, is a fully automated information system of the Centre's clients.

It has the following features:

  • Security (personal client PIN that entered during the telephone call),
  • Two report feature (more will be added in the future). Users have the ability of creating custom reports per customer's request (1. Status Partitions Armed / Disarmed, customer 2.Client status (generally equipment condition, electricity status, last communication, Heartbeat, Test),
  • Ability to service 2-8 simultaneously telephone lines,
  • SMS functionality to the reference customer in real time via the service, apart from the oral report,
  • Full operation of the users (user passwords, selective reports),
  • Full call history and updates log.