Terracom was among the top 10% companies rated by Early Metrics

Terracom was among the top 10% companies rated by Early Metrics.

Terracom, an ICT company based on Ioannina, Greece was rated by Early Metrics, obtaining a grade of 80/100. This result distinguishes the company, as being on the top 10% among the 2000 companies already rated. This outcome is indicative of the promising signs of growth and the high levels of internally produced innovation.

Early Metrics is an international rating agency, for startups and innovative SMEs with presence in France, Germany, UK and London. Its mission is to assess the growth potential and robustness of innovative tech companies. The imposed rating, entails strategy and innovation decision-makers, equity investors and risk management departments to screen-out promising companies from a booming ecosystem of startups with the aim to get in contact and establish co-operations. Based on the independent audit provided by Early Metrics, it allows them to identify the most relevant innovation or the best investment opportunity while mitigating risks.

Terracom’s extrovert activity with sales in 77 countries and its innovative footprint, captured Early Metrics attention offering the opportunity to go through its rating process, free of charge in order to maintain independence and neutrality.

The process lasted roughly two months and included:

  • An assessment of company’s level of maturity
  • A systematic interview with the founding and management team by a specialized analyst
  • A three-week analysis of the gathered data and input

The final outcome resulted to a final grade of 80/100 based on the solid market expertise developed over the last 20 years, the strong international dimension of Terracom and the excellent timing in the market of protective solutions for isolated workers.

Terracom would like to thank Early Metrics for this distinction and is looking forward to future synergies and co-operations that shall arise due to the enhanced visibility through the provided network of clients.