Terracom Shares Startup Experience at TechFuse Conference in Ioannina!

We are thrilled to share that Terracom, along with its Co-Founder & CEO Dimitris Zacharakis, participated in a panel discussion at the recent TechFuse Conference in Ioannina, Greece! TechFuse is a groundbreaking annual event that bridges the gap between technology, innovation, and culture. This year's conference, held on April 5th and 6th, 2024, brought together esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds, including politics, entrepreneurship, academia, and the arts.

The Value of Setbacks: Sharing Our Startup Journey

Terracom was honored to be part of the panel titled "The Startup Experience: Seeing the Value in Setbacks," held on April 6th. Mr. Zacharakis shared valuable insights on Terracom's journey as a startup, emphasizing the importance of learning from setbacks and leveraging them to propel growth.

Our participation in this significant panel served as a valuable platform to showcase Terracom's experience in the field of startup entrepreneurship. We believe that embracing failure as a learning opportunity is crucial for success in the business world.

TechFuse: Fostering Innovation and Growth

TechFuse's threefold objective deeply resonated with Terracom's values. The conference's focus on elevating Ioannina as a hub for innovation and digital economy in Southeast Europe aligns perfectly with our vision. We were impressed by the conference's commitment to:

  • Elevate Ioannina into the Innovation and Digital Economy Hub of Southeastern Europe
  • Build on its existing momentum and strengthen the local and regional ecosystem
  • Foster sustainable development in Epirus and generate significant value for the local community through multiplier effects

TechFuse's diverse agenda covered a wide range of topics, including ecosystem growth, innovation advancements, inspiring startup stories, the impact of technology on society and work, and the exciting intersection of technology and culture. The conference also offered valuable skills-building workshops for students and professionals, empowering them to excel in their careers.

We are proud that Terracom was part of this impactful event. TechFuse is a testament to the thriving innovation scene in Ioannina, and we look forward to contributing to its continued growth!