Terracom is participating in Executive Security and Close Protection Technology Forum (CPTF) in London!

QR-Patrol is participating at Executive Security and Close Protection Technology Forum (CPTF) at London, by sponsoring the event and hosting a round table discussion!

This is a unique event in security field which is going to take place in London on January 25!

Close Protection Technology Forum (CPTF) is a conference being held to demonstrate the force multiplying effect offered by new command and control, systems integration, communications and analytics technology and training for global firms, family offices and CP firms.

Terracom Informatics Ltd, the developer of QR-Patrol, sponsors the event and holds a stand, so as to exhibit innovative Security and Lone Worker monitoring products and solutions.

CPTF is an ideal forum for security professionals, presenting all technology development and evolution in Security and Lone Worker Safety field. The main goal of the event is to help companies and professionals communicate and establish networking so as to strengthen cooperation and distribute knowledge worldwide.

Professionals from several business fields will visit the forum:

  • Directors of security
  • CPO ’s
  • Police
  • Global mobility Professionals
  • Innovative solution providers

QR-Patrol will hold a stand in CPTF so as to exhibit all unique solutions regarding Security: QR-Patrol – the best guard tour management solution worldwide- and MyLoneWorkers – an innovative lone working system ideal for Lone Workers Management.

Moreover, Terracom will host a table so as to organize a conversation related to Lone Worker Systems and Lone Worker Safety in general, answering questions from many different parties and providing crucial information coming from extensive experience and real case studies.

In brief, we can mention several benefits that participants will get through their participation in the forum:

  • Learn best practice in executive security training and technology implementation by utilizing newly available equipment and newly emerging strategies within your organization
  • Develop your executive security and K&R policies to reflect your need to employ security services and technology both on a case by case and ongoing basis
  • Integrate medical training and medical staff into your operations to create a last line of executive security defense not currently open to your operations
  • Create an organizational awareness of the type of geolocational, TSCM, intelligence and physical solutions which will keep your executive, principal or key worker safe and how to implement such technology into your security strategy or dynamic risk assessments

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