Terracom participated in the event ICT Proposers’ Day 2017 in Budapest

Terracom participated in the event ICT Proposers’ Day 2017 in Budapest, Hungary on 9 and 10 November 2017.

During the two days there were parallel talks, categorized on the following 6 sections:


Terracom attended many informative sessions learning from first hand, ICT-related topics of the Work Programme 2018-20 and the content of the next calls for proposals. It was also an opportunity for the company to get informed from various booths on the event about the many initiatives imposed by the European Commission. Among them, we were really interested to know more about the Digital Opportunity Scheme.

This year we celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Erasmus which has and continues to shape generations of Europeans. As Digital is everywhere and is transforming the way we work and the skills we need at home and on the job, it is necessary to obtain as an individual related skills and knowledge. However, digital skills, cannot only be learned in the classroom. This needs to happen also through practice with traineeships being a valid option.

A first step in supporting digital skills through traineeships is the Horizon 2020-funded Digital opportunity pilot project announced in the Digital Single market mid-term review. The EUR 10 million scheme will give students of all disciplines hands-on experience in fields such as cybersecurity, big data, quantum or artificial intelligence, that are highly demanded by companies and organizations. Terracom is already thinking of using this initiative in order to offer a traineeship to a student that is willing to gain experience by joining the team and put knowledge and expertise into practice.

Throughout the duration event and with the use of the b2b matchmaking platform we made use of the Face2Face brokerage times. More than 30 meetings were initiated officially and unofficially. We were honored to meet potential partners from Universities, Institutes, Research Centers SME and industry companies in general. Innovative ideas and feedback was exchanged and we are looking forward to transform this meeting into fruitful co-operations.

For the second day, Terracom was invited from the SME Instrument and kindly accepted to present the experiences so far from the signing of the awarded Grant Agreement some months ago, till now as well as how the project is progressing so far. The presentation was part of the SME Instrument / Fast Track to Innovation event.

Video of the presentation and questions asked: