Terracom participated in the 2nd Internet of Things Conference held in Athens

The first conference about the ecosystem of IoT that was held last year focused on IT and telecommunications infrastructure, operational standards, regulation framework and case studies. This year’s conference mainly focused on the practical issues concerning the IoT ecosystem that will eventually influence business plans and future investments. In details, during the conference related regulatory framework, predictions and the trend of the ecosystem were presented.

One of the most important talks of the conference was the one regarding the policies implemented by the EU when it comes to IoT; since we are highly involved on this promising sector, it is vital to know first hand the practices and regulations that are going to be implemented.

Additionally case studies that were considered important last year were presented; under this context special reference was given to QR-Patrol system as one of the most successful business IoT case studies! In fact it was underlined that our company was one out of only six (6) companies that received funding by EASME related to IoT technologies! Our company is investing a lot on this direction, so we are really pleased to see that we are moving towards the right direction!

QR-Patrol team promises to continue our hard work and efforts towards adding even more innovative features to the system and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction!