Terracom adopts, for the 2nd year in a row, four-day work in June and July

Terracom is constantly adjusting to the future market needs and in this context proceeds for the 2nd year in a row to establish a four-day work in June and July, without affecting labor rights, working hours and employee benefits.

"After the successful pilot implementation of the four-day work model last summer, we decided to set our people in the center of our attention" says Mr. Dimitris Zacharakis, CEO of Terracom, on the occasion of the announcement and continues: "With the adoption of four-day work for the 2nd consecutive year for the summer months and considering the fact that we have already adopted a hybrid working model, we again provide great flexibility to our employees for work-life balance and more options for our people to decide the optimal model of implementation of daily tasks. We are particularly happy about last year's results of this schedule, and we hope that this year our employees’ performance will remain on the same or even higher levels".

Four-day work schedule during the summer months is just one of several actions that Terracom has implemented in recent years, as significant upgrades have been made to the company's benefits to the people, such as the provision of private health insurance, the provision of pension/compensation program as well as stock option for further development and development and personal goals achievement. At the same time, the company is now on its own state-of-the-art home, a new building to which all the infrastructure and personnel have been transferred, which set new boundaries and options for the future.

Terracom is always focusing on its people meaning that any corporate decision is made in the context of improving the daily life of the employees both on a professional and personal level. We are therefore ready to adopt any change that will benefit our people showing again that we are a company aiming on the human factor and remaining on the cutting edge of technology.

Terracom is a high-tech company based in Ioannina. It creates innovative software products which exports to more than 90 countries , counting a total of over 1,200 different customers. Brookstreet Equity Partners, based in London, also participates in its shareholder structure.