Terracom adopts a 4-day working week for June and July

It is known that Terracom is embracing development and adaptation to current market needs as well as future requirements. In this context, Terracom will go under a four-day work week for the months of June and July, without any change regarding labor rights, daily working hours and workers’ monthly salary income. We are aiming to analyze the pros and cons of this pilot application and achieve to fully implement a 4-day working week during all the working schedule of the year.

"Terracom's strength is our people, who are the key factor towards growth and development," said Dimitris Zacharakis, CEO of Terracom, on this important announcement. "With the adoption of the four-day working week for the summer months, combined with our hybrid working model that our company has adopted since the beginning of the pandemic, we offer even greater flexibility, better work-life balance and more options for our people to decide for themselves the best way to be happy and productive ".

The four-day work week during the summer months is just one of the many actions Terracom has already taken in recent years, as significant upgrades have been made about company’s offer to its employees such as private health insurance, retirement / benefits program as well as stock options for further development and higher earnings.

Terracom sets people productivity and health (both physical and mental) as a major key point and any corporate decision is taken in the context of improving employees’ life and helping them achieve their career goals. We are ready to adapt to any changes and future needs as Terracom will remain a “human face” technology oriented group of people.

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