Terracom adopts four-day workweek for the third consecutive year, strengthening its work environment!

Focusing on enhancing its work environment and employee well-being, Terracom is adopting a four-day workweek for the third consecutive year for the months of June and July. This initiative, implemented with a focus on work-life balance, does not affect employees' labor rights, hours of work, or benefits.

"After two successful years of implementation, we are once again putting the employee and their needs at the center," said Mr. Dimitris Zaharakis, CEO of Terracom. "By combining the four-day workweek with the hybrid model we follow, we offer our employees flexibility and enhance their ability to achieve a balance between professional and personal obligations. At the same time, we maintain high levels of productivity and customer service."

At a time when the discussion about a 6-day workweek is gaining ground, Terracom is paving the way for a more balanced work future. By implementing a 4-day workweek model during the summer months, it is demonstrating that employee well-being is not an obstacle to success. On the contrary, Terracom envisions the universal adoption of a 4-day work system, believing that a better work-life balance benefits both employees and the company itself.

The adoption of the four-day workweek is part of a broader framework of initiatives that Terracom is implementing for the benefit of its employees. The company offers, among other things, private health insurance, access to 24-hour support from specialized professionals in mental health, nutrition, financial and legal matters, meal allowances, stock option opportunities, while also being housed in a new, state-of-the-art building in Bafra.

"People are the cornerstone of our culture," emphasizes Mr. Zaharakis. "Every corporate decision we make is taken with the aim of improving the daily lives of our employees and enhancing their well-being. We firmly believe that the four-day workweek contributes to this direction and mutually benefits both employees and the company."

Terracom, headquartered in Ioannina, is active in the field of high technology, developing and exporting innovative products to more than 90 countries. It has over 1,200 customers and its shareholding structure includes Brookstreet Equity Partners.