TEDxMavili Square 2024: A Renaissance full of ideas, powered by Terracom

TEDx Mavili Square returns for the 7th consecutive year, dynamically and refreshed, on Saturday, April 20, 2024 at the «Karolos Papoulias» conference center in Ioannina.

As the largest volunteer organization in Epirus and the only TEDx event in Western Greece, TEDx Mavili Square has managed over the past 6 years to surpass 2,200,000 views on YouTube, making its talks viral and a point of reference.

This year, the theme of TEDx Mavili Square 2024 is "Renaissance"

A renaissance that calls us to come closer to ourselves and the world around us. In an era full of changes and challenges, we are confronted with the developments in science, technology, human relations, and the events of our planet. Our goal is to explore the new realities in the global corporate world, discover the characteristics that will elevate us in it, and leverage ideas to explore our new selves.

TEDx Mavili Square 2024 offers a unique experience

Filled with talks from acclaimed speakers, performances, workshops, and many surprises, we invite you to experience up close or remotely a renaissance full of ideas!

Terracom, as a "powered by" sponsor, actively supports TEDx Mavili Square 2024

This year, Terracom actively participates in TEDx Mavili Square 2024, not only as a "powered by" sponsor but also with the presence of its executives on the corporate stage. Specifically, Alexandros Tagkas, Konstantinos Kefis, Nestoras Vasileiou and Alexia Tatsi will share their experiences and perspectives with the audience on the theme "From Local to Global : Our SaaS journey".

The presentation will focus on Terracom's journey:

  • From a local software company to a globally recognized company in physical security.
  • It will highlight the challenges and opportunities the company faced during its expansion.
  • It will share the secrets of Terracom's success in the global SaaS market.

Through the presentation, Terracom aims to:

  • Inspire young entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Showcase the dynamics of the Greek startups ecosystem.
  • Encourage the adoption of SaaS solutions by businesses of all sizes.

Workeen AI: A scheduling system you are keen on working with

Additionally, Terracom will organize an interactive workshop where Natalia Oumnova and Pavlos Efthymiadis will present the company's new product Workeen AI, an innovative SaaS shift management system utilizing Artificial Intelligence

The bottom line

Our participation in TEDxMavili Square 2024 is not just sponsorship but a strategic choice reflecting Terracom's core values. We are a company dedicated to innovation, technology, and the development of our people. We firmly believe that ideas have the power to bring change, and that's why we enthusiastically support an event focusing on evolution and progress.

We look forward to seeing you all!