Podcast “An Ambitious Work Experiment in Ioannina”

Μr. Dimitris Zacharachakis, CEO of Terracom, was a guest of the podcast "Press on the microphone" to explain the experiment, its goals, the company's ambitions, but also the general business situation in the field of technologies, in the Ιοannina.

The prospect of implementing four-day work in Greece, without any change in workplace rights and wages, has already opened a very large debate. It does not lack of perspective, reticence, but also boldness, in a work environment that is not famous for its quality characteristics.

Although the internationally goodwill is such that working hours could have been significantly reduced, improving the condition of the working class (which also changes characteristics), the “battle” for profits crushes even acquired, reasonable rights.

Already, in Europe, 4-day work is applied by choice in Belgium, with shorter working hours, not less work. England has been conducted it for 6 months since last June, while Iceland holds a leading position, which for four years implemented the largest pilot work program of 35-26 hours per week and it has proven to be a successful system.

One of the companies that decided to pilot the 4-day work in Greece is located in Ioannina. It is Terracom that for this summer decided to do the test and see if it is really possible to implement a different working pattern, without salary and insurance changes for the workers.

You can hear the podcast here.