Slicing Into the New Year: Terracom's 2024 Cake-Cutting Celebration

Every New Year's Day, it's customary in Greece and throughout Eastern Europe to slice into a cake that conceals a hidden coin. Locating it promises luck for the ensuing 12 months! The tradition of the "Vasilopita" is essential for kicking off the year, not just within families, but also in the corporate world, where companies also partake in this ritual during the first quarter of the year.

Terracom cut once again its New Year's cake on a day of celebration with special moments and surprises for all company personnel. The event took place on Friday, February 16, in a friendly atmosphere provided by the cafe/bar Boccanegra next to the Ioannina lake.

The day began with a leisurely coffee in the outdoor area of Boccanegra. The weather was excellent, providing an opportunity to enjoy the lake view through moments of relaxation and tranquility for all company members.

We then moved to the indoor area, where a mini black comedy sketch was performed by actor Christos Christou. Christos' talent, along with the imaginative script, created an enjoyable atmosphere, full of laughter and applause while the actor's performance earned positive reviews from the audience.

Mealtime arrived, and as expected, the buffet was filled with delicacies and abundant drinks. Our people had the opportunity to interact with each other, have fun, dance, and develop an even better connection beyond their daily communication in our workplace. A small party started with DJ Dimitris boosting the mood with his music choices behind the decks.

The moment we've all been waiting for, the cutting of the New Year's cake pointed out Thomas as the winner, receiving everyone's wishes and standing as the luckiest among his colleagues.

The event concluded late in the afternoon and a unique memory for those who participated is now a reality. We will continue to act with enthusiasm and optimism, knowing that together we can achieve our greatest dreams.

We wish everyone a good and creative year, full of health, personal happiness, and professional success!