Terracom celebrated the New Years’ Eve Cake Event – A day trip at Zagori villages

Our trip took place early in the morning. Getting advantage of the sunny weather, we visited Monodendri. It is a mountain village built on the northern tip of Zagori region and a very well known destination for mountain excurses.

We hiked towards the monastery of Agia Paraskevi where we captured outstanding views of Vikos Gorge. Returning to the village, it was an excellent opportunity to drink some coffee (and “tsipouro” too) under the huge plane tree at the central square.

Our next destination was Tsepelovo, one of the most famous capital villages of Zagori region. In the meanwhile we had stopped at the Kokkori Bridge to get some photos of the spectacular stone built sight and walk through the huge rock above the river.

After a brief tour on the most important sights of the village we ended up at a traditional tavern in the main square, where the main New Years’ Eve Cake Event took place. Our devs department was honored this year and Vasilis was the winner of the flair which means a trip to Istanbul for two people! We celebrated for several hours and many of the attendees demonstrated unique dancing skills!

After a brief pass through the house of Mr. Yannis, a loyal friend of our company who also was our tour guide, the event was over and we returned to Ioannina.

For sure, it was a unique experience. We combined the excursion from Ioannina with a beautiful trip to the spectacular views of Zagori villages but the most important is that we urged the staff of Terracom to develop stronger friendship bonds and enjoy a day away of the company building!

We are happy to celebrate our continuous development and motivation with the most important part of our company – our staff! We continue to move forward to achieve our goals and make our people feel inspired for a more challenging future.