Terracom will attend the 2nd Technology Conference of Naftemporiki «Internet of Things: Evolution in Action»

The last two decades we have been witnessing major developments in technology that totally changed industry’s landscape by reshaping the way of conducting business. The latest development that has all the potential to once again disrupt fundamentals in how organizations operate is Internet of Things technologies.

The capabilities that accompany IoT offer public and private sector the possibility to retrieve and process a great amount of data that will allow them to make better decisions with less risk based on thorough analysis followed. This new era will lead to greater efficiency and support the growth of 'smarter', more effective, safe and healthy societies.

In order to discuss the new business opportunities that IoT can generate the 2nd Technology Conference of Naftemporiki will take place on Thursday December 8th 2016, at Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens entitled: «Internet of Things: Evolution in Action», aiming to determine the conditions for the effective implementation of Internet of Things applications, and to present some of the many ways in which IoT creates added value for businesses and consumers.

Naftemporiki is one of the largest and most prestigious financial newspapers in Greece.

The main sections of the conference are:

  • Section 1 – Enterprise monetization strategies
  • Section 2 – The consumer experience
  • Section 3 – Infrastructure & data at scale
  • Section 4 – Greek IoT startup scene

Terracom will attend the event to present QR-Patrol PRO, which incorporates IoT technologies in the physical security sector.

You can found more information about the conference at the following links:

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