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QR - PTT is an easy to use Push To Talk VoIP application ideal for Security Guards and Lone Workers communication

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What is QR-PTT

QR - PTT is a Push-To-Talk VoIP application which was developed for lone workers/guards or workers located in remote work. It can be used by companies whose workers have the need of continuous communication in real time. Thereby is achieved the optimization of collaboration and the job becomes more efficient.





Friendly UI with simple management settings.



Low battery consumption and minimal memory usage.


Improve efficiency

Ability of group conversation and automatic reconnection in case of connection loss.







Walkie Talkie Function

Use your device and simulate the function of a Walkie-Talkie.


Communication via internet

It works with 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi networks.


Duplex communication

Receive and send audio message at the same time.


Reliable low-cost solution

QR-PTT is a reliable and low cost solution as it transforms your device in a walkie talkie without the need of extra equipment purchase. Thereby the company's operating costs are reduced significantly. Furthermore, the QR - PTT has direct cooperation with the QR - Patrol. So the worker / guard with the same device and same credentials can perform actions with the QR - Patrol while communicating with their colleagues with the QR - PTT.



Ideal for security companies !!!

Direct communication with the application QR-Patrol

Runs in background

The QR-PTT runs in background, so the user can easily use other applications.

Absolutely safe

QR - PTT ensures that all communications are secured, using advanced encryption technology.

Interaction with QR-Patrol

QR-PTT can be used simultaneously with QR-Patrol, in order to bring the security services at the highest level.