Kerveros eYe - Download and Image Management Center

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Kerveros eYe - Download and Image Management Center

Kerveros eYe is a "smart" download and image management application. A completely new and revolutionary concept.

The difference from the competing applications is that the operator does not need to constantly monitor all the cameras on the screen. Kerveros eYe undertakes to send a signal to the Kerveros monitoring station and notify the user which camera to look at. Furthermore Kerveros eYe transfers the camera image at the monitoring station, so that the user can see at any time the video of the event.

The operator can see the site of the customer THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT, not only the time of the Alarm. How; When the center receives an alarm, it has already been recorded – transferred to the video computer at the Central Station from the time of the event. So there is the opportunity to see live video or video a few seconds ago! Reliability! The only way to "see" back in time!

This gives the advantage of correct identification and evaluation of the incident. If it is serious (e.g. violation) or false alarm (unsavory alarm).

Truly unique feature !!!

  • Parallel emergency video recording on DVR and the monitoring station,
  • Do not require continuous monitoring of live video feeds from the operator,
  • Alarm Recognition (pre-alarm) before taking them to the ARC via motion detection,
  • Playback recorded video at any time,
  • •Cooperation with the application Kerveros. Take the arm/disarm signal alarms, to avoid sending video clips at times when this is not necessary.

Additionally, as a result of Kerveros eYe connected to the Kerveros signal center, the recording of videos and the receiving events to Kerveros eYe are done according to the time of installation, ie according to the time of reinforcement and disarmament of the customer. If, for example, in an establishment come disarmament in Kerveros, Kerveros automatically notifies the Kerveros eYe that do not need to record the events. And correspondingly, when reinforcement comes, the function of receiving events return live.

Kerveros eYe does not stop there. It continuously monitors the recordings and the cameras and be able to know and inform the operator about faults and disconnections. The center, directly learns and constantly aware of the damage to DVR and cameras!

Currently Supported recorders (DVR):

  • Hikvision, Securitron (Dahua and Lynstan will soon be supported)